Sunday, December 18, 2011

Star Wars: The Old Republic - MY WAIT WASNT OVER - (Star Wars: The Queue Goes Public: Part I)

Actually, I just got in on my server and it wasn't that bad... but for many people (over 500 pages of people in the SWTOR website community forums) it is hours, and I mean 5 hours, 8 hours, 16 hours plus, of waiting to get in and play.

Some even have the luck of, once they get in to play, get disconnected for some reason (or missed the Charcter Selection Screen that comes up for what one person stated was "15 seconds" and BOOM! back in the queue for hours. There are people that haven't played all weekend and they have been trying since Friday. Wow.

Here is a sampling of what is on the SWTOR forums today (Click to see images at Full Sizes):

Speaking of WoW, perhaps to help alleviate some of the anger, people (everyone including myself) should remember waaaaay back to 2004, when a gaming company called Blizzard put out a little game called World of Warcraft, to much much muuuuch hype. It was extremely popular and There Was Great Queueing:

VNboard Forums, Nov.2004

Neowin Forums, Nov.2004

Anandtech Forums, Nov.2004

...And this isn't even counting the WorldofWarcraft website threads.. so many.. Some people figured out a way to 'bypass' the shard queues, does this work with SWTOR?

GamingTrend Forums, Dec.2004
Back when YTMND's were still made, this one came out (by LeoNomis): 

Based on this video (originally by end255, converted unedited from Shockwave/Flash by me):

So in a way, everyone should just put their guns and shanks down, take a breath, and realize that these things happen. In a way, it was inevitable for an MMO. Asheron's Call, Anarchy Online, many others come to mind when there is need to think of worse launches.

Some have put their faith in the idea that Bioware/EA is purposely capping the population of the servers extra extra low, so that when it is fully released into the Retail wild, they can open them up and things will smell fresh and clean and the sun will shine again. Maybe that will happen.

For now, I am actually not in the mood to play (can you believe). Please don't hunt me down for the fact that I basically had no queue, sat at the character screen for a while, and don't even feel like playing.. I'll definitely feel like it later.

See you in there!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Star Wars: The Old Republic - MY WAIT IS OVER (Early Game Access Email Notification) - With Short Gameplay Video

If you see this in your email, grab all the caffiene in the house you can find, move the microwave and mini-fridge into your room, pull out that Travel Buddy portable bathroom thing and say goodbye to your family.

To celebrate my Early Access to the Official Release Of Star Wars The Old Republic Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game, I am sharing a little video I threw together in the last days of the Beta!

It was myself playing a couple quests in the last hours of the Beta Game Testing, mostly to finish up a storyline for my Signifigant Other, and I recorded it and put it together in a short video that they could watch to at least see the end of the Quest Line they were working on. It's not going to win any awards (I sort of went from a Let's Play style of recording to a Cinematic style of presentation during the course of recording the gameplay) but I had fun with Sony's Vegas Movie Studio putting in 'feathered line wipes' (just like the Star Wars movies use hah) and organizing the clips to represent the proper timeline that I played out in the game and putting them together in [what eventually became] something like a little animated movie.. The Speederbike travel music and Palace combat music I edited in from the Star Wars Motion Picture Soundtracks. I attempted to watch the credits during the Beta and I included some of that result in there as well. It's short, has a small part of the Imperial Agent Main Story Class Quest Line in it (I believe the NDA is over now, but will still put the word SPOILER in there somewhere) and isn't anything spectacular, but it was fun to make and I wanted to share something to celebrate my beginning officially playing SWTOR. Enjoy!

See you in there!